Friday, April 15, 2011

More season openers next weekend!

Symbiotic Acres ( 63253 8th Ave. South Haven, MI) and Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Nelson Twp., OH will both be opening their doors next weekend for their first music festivals of the season. It's shaping up to be a good weekend no matter which choice you make with a lot of regional talent on the stages all weekend long. Weather forecasts are looking rain free, but dress warm. Highs are going to be in the mid 50's and possibly dipping into the 30's on Saturdaynight at both venues. 

Tickets for Cabin Pheeva at Symbiotic Acres are $45 in advance and $55 at the gate and lineup as is follows:

*Thursday Pre-party:

*Good Friday & Earth Day:
Sean Shiel
Down Lo
Mark Tyler
Useful Jenkins
Ashley & Uncle Zesty's Oldtime Bootknockers
Ben Miller Band
Vinyl Soup
Down Lo w/Deploi
Barefoot Fred

Blue Moon Soup
Chris Pabon
Ashley & Uncle Zesty's
Overserved Trio
Sean Shiel
Rainbow Vomit Family Band
Chris Grubner
Boogie Matrix Mechanism
Mark Tyler
Sean Shiel
Thinner Teed
Ben Miller Band
The Coop

*Easter Sunday:
Blue Moon Soup
Useful Jenkins
Chris Pabon
Ben Miller Band
Sean Shiel
Overserved Trio

Tickets for Early Bird at The Ledges are $40 for Friday-Sunday and $30 for Saturday-Sunday with the following lineup:

6-8:30 Sultans Of Bing
9:00-11:15 Jim Miller Band
Late night tba 

More TBA 
Jones For Revival 
Willy Mac Music
Sargent Katz-n-Crump
The Werks 
Late night- Flyin Jays 

Everyone is welcome to stay at the quarry until 8pm Sunday night

More information can be found at the following pages. 
Cabin Pheeva Facebook Event Page
Early Bird Event Page @ NLQP Website

Feel free to leave comments for any additional events going on for Easter weekend. Be safe and let's all have a great time!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4/20 Shows

It's that time of year again. Our yearly celebration of the twentieth of April. That means plenty of shows to go around. Here are a few shows around our area that will be going on. Feel free to add more shows that you know of in the comments, because I'm sure to be missing out on quite a few!

Wherever you are, there should be good music to catch.  This would be a good opportunity to take advantage of JamBase to find a show that suits you

Monday, April 11, 2011

OxFest: Music and Arts Festival also this weekend

JUST ANNOUNCED!!! $19 OXFEST TICKETS now available @ KEGFLY.COM. Get yours asap before you miss out on this great opportunity. 

Oxfest is the third installment of a music festival created by Stank Entertainment and OhioStandUp at Miami University. Last Spring, the event, offered a spring break atmosphere in a daylong music and arts festival. Due to the success and high demand for another fest, we are proud to announce the expansion of this series. Our goal is to continue to offer a fun and safe atmosphere through a unique college and festival experience. This community has already shown to be a strong one as the previous installments have been very successful. Because of this initial success, Stank Entertainment has high expectations this Spring.

OxFest is being held at Hannon's Camp America
Official page is at Miami OxFest Official page which also has a link to their facebook page

Many good bands there, and The Werks will be playing an early 3pm set!  It looks like southwest ohio has a couple great places to be this weekend. Much more coming up soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Megan and Eric Suttman's BarnJam this weekend!

"BarnJam is a bi-annual, rain or shine musical event/camp out if-you-want-to mini-fest. For the past 12 years Eric Suttman, Professor of Audio and Visual Production for the University of Dayton, has presented Barn Jam as a showcase for local and regional musical talent, making it an established and cherished event within the Dayton and Yellow Springs communities. It all goes down on his farm just outside Dayton, Ohio where two barns are transformed into unique music venues twice a year.
This year promises to begin a great new tradition as Eric has teamed up with Cinci/NKY based MoreThanOrganic Productions to bring you Barn Jam – Spring 2011 w/The Werks, The Prosperity, Blue Moon Soup, Incendium Arts, and more…..
Our goal is to promote the local and regional music scene and to raise funds for UDSAP, by providing a memorable experience that is focused around music, art, and the community.
**Barn Jam is proud to contribute a portion of all proceeds to the University of Dayton’s Summer Appalachia Program (UDSAP) which allows UD students to spend a summer improving the living conditions of Appalachian families."

Tickets are only 20 dollars at the gate. This looks like a great time this coming weekend. Lots of good music and special appearances!
See The official BarnJam website to order presale tickets or for more details

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tribez Vibez returns for 2011

After their first shot at doing a multi-cultural festival last year, the guys from Tribez Vibez have decided to have another go at it. Along with a change in venue has came a drastic change in the initial lineup.

I don't know what everyone elses thoughts are, but to me this initial flyer is looking pretty promising. A lot of solid acts on the bill this year, and more to come. It looks like after what could be described as lackluster for last year's show, that the Tribez Vibez team are going to put together something that could be pretty magical. There is already a facebook group for the event, although has still not been updated from last year's event.

2011 Tribez Vibez Facebook group


Hash Bash 2011 in Ann Arbor

Hash Bash 2011 was a great success this year. One of the best turnouts I've seen in many years. Tons of great acts and the party didn't stop until the sun came up the next day. I will have some pics up tomorrow along with some more info about Hash Bash an the Spring Hookah in the Hills that went on this past weekend. Can you smell the spring air?!


The goal of this blog will be to keep everyone in the region up to date on all the big music happenings throughout the Midwest. We'll mostly be covering events in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and parts of PA and West Virginia. We'll be covering mostly festivals that relate to the jam band and bluegrass style culture, but also diving into a lot of a lot of electronic events.  The season has already started and we are stoked!